ICO Last Round

1 ETH = 500 LDC

Only MyEtherWallet

0xce4222ee062297af5bb9a703b74513712e69bdae Contract Code

Zero Fee

You will no longer pay commissions on other platforms when shopping. With our platform you can get the opportunity to trade with zero commission.

24/7 support service

Our strong support team, which provides online support with many language options to solve the needs and problems of our users, will provide 24/7 customer support.

Multi-Interface Capability

Demo version will have 2 different designs.When we release our alpha version, this number will be more than 5.By choosing one of these interfaces, each of which is unique in each design, you can do your work easily.

Safe Offline Storage

We will save your assets in high security cold wallets, which will transfer to the platform.

Multiple blockchain Assets

You will be able to change 4 main parameters on our page: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lidyacoin and Tether.

Mobile Wallet

We will provide you with easy, simple and easily understandable web-mobile designs with practical interface and you can easily trade on both web and mobile and follow your investments.


You will be able to withdraw your investments you have transferred to our platform safely and quickly with very low commissions.

Invitation Bonus

Pre-sale - a maximum of 2 million users will benefit from the users who will participate in the ICO period.The fees we receive from our other customers will be distributed as 50%.(between the inviting people)

Executed ICO & token sale offered
To implement lidya vision we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to ıssue LDC tokens on the public blockchain. 200.000.000 LDC Tokens will be issued during the token sale.

ICO Round 1 35% Bonus

1 ETH = 850 LDC
04/08/2018 to 04/13/2018

ICO Round 2 25% BONUS

1 ETH = 750 LDC

Invest between 04/13/2018 and 04/18/2018

Last Round

1 ETH = 500 LDC

Invest between 04/18/2018 and 05/07/2018

Road Map
To implement lidya vision we are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to ıssue LDC tokens on the public blockchain. 200.000.000 LDC Tokens will be issued during the token sale. Which will last one week from 03/30/2018 to 04/03/2018.
  • Start of the presale

    March 30, 2018

  • End of the presale

    April 3, 2018

  • Start of ico

    April 8, 2018

  • End of ico

    May 07, 2018

  • lidya.exchange demo version

    May 2018

  • Listing on the stock exchange

    July 2018

  • lidya.exchange alpha version

    3rd quarter 2018

  • lidya.exchange mobile versions

    3rd quarter 2018

  • lidya.exchange beta version

    1st quarter 2019

  • Completion of lidyachain

    2nd quarter 2019

  • Lidyapay

    3rd quarter 2019

  • lidya debitcard

    1st quarter 2019


Muhammed CAN


I started my career as an instructor in 2009 and gave strategic consulting services to many companies.I have had in-depth studies on blockchain technology and cryptographic algorithms.I have examined the aspects of the market that are incomplete, risky, developable and ruthless.And in this direction, we realized our work with AR-GE by making more than one year evaluations with our team at the point of solution of the problems.We have set up a road map at the point where we are making our dreams come true.I continue to work as a block-chain project developer besides Lidyacoin Company, which I am the founder and CEO.


Chief Technology Officer

Software architect, university lecturer, and project leader. Timur leads a team of researchers and developers attached to Kiev Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine, which is appointed to develop the software stack and infrastructure for the Lidyacoin platform. Timur has devoted over twenty years to IT. Altogether, he has developed distributed corporate applications & systems architecture, become an expert in Node.js, JavaScript, C#, Delphi, etc., and mastered cybernetics, programming, production automation, network servers & protocols.


IT Adviser

An IT project management professional, Yuri works with system integration, analytics and business processes. A specialist in re-engineering, complex automation systems implementation and support, Yuri has more than ten years of experience in solution managing for the following fields: geospatial and GPS systems, medical information systems, asset tracking, mobile applications, computer games, financial and corporate systems. He has also developed software for RTIntel, ITAdapter, Alien Technolog, SinceTV and other businesses.



Specialist in high load network protocols, Node.js Core Collaborator and one of the key developers of Metarhia technology stack. Expert in JavaScript, C, C++, Rust, React, Node.js, RPC, TCP/IP, IPC, Linux/Unix, WebSocket, parsing, serializing and de-serializing, performance optimization.



Specialist in development of server APIs for highload web and mobile applications. One of the key developers of Metarhia technology stack. Expert in JavaScript, C, C++, Go, Node.js, TCP/IP, Linux/Unix, parsing, serializing and de-serializing, information systems security and data protection.

Oğuzhan Karakaya


I am giving consultant services in areas such as e-commerce, IT, advertising, affiliate marketing and much more. With a professional team of nine members who are experts in their respected areas we are and will hold international organizations under the name of Lidyacoin LTD.



Since 2014, I have been working as a lawyer at my own law firm. As for my area of specialization; I offer services for private and commercial law cases to my clients. Also, I serve as a legal consultant to various companies that are operating in different fields. I have full confidence to satisfy any need of my clients regarding commercial law thanks to my processional experience and previous cases. I also carry out all legal affairs of Lidyacoin ltd.

Dmitriy Gutman

Software Engineer

C++ and Java (Spring) developer, smart contracts developer. Experienced in developing of scalable and highload crossplatform applications. Worked on Couture.jp. Linux, Bash scripts, Docker. Teamcity, Graylog configuration skills. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VK api knowledge.

Vladislav Hakasuik

Software Engineer

Blockchain and Smart Contracts developer. Expert in C++ and Qt, Solidity, P2P networks, IP stack, Linux, Windows, cross-platform applications

Lidyacoin is an ERC20 token produced in an ethereum infrastructure.
Ethereum is an information processing platform built on an open source blockchain network.
It is a database in which blocks are listed as linked to each other with encryption.
After you complete your registration, you may purchase the token in our smart contract address during our presale and ico periods through myetherwallet.
Presale will be in between 30th of Match and 3rd of April 2018. ICO, on the other hand, will constitute of 3 rounds in between 8th of April and 7th of May 2018.
The price of the LDC token will be 0.5 dollars during the presale, in the first round it will be 0.65 cents, in the second round it will be 0,75 cents and in the final round, the price will be 1 dollar.
We may list more than one reason for you to do so;
-If you hold LDC token then you will have advantages while using the Lidya.exchange platform compared to those who do not hold LDC token. For instance, you will have right to use the platform with a discount or without any fees at all.
-If there are any tokens left after the presale and ico, 97 percent of those will be burned, hence, the ones you hold may gain value at drastic levels.
-There will be gifts to be delivered to LDC holders through a lottery or a campaign.
Yes, we do have a reward program and you may access relevant information through bounty link or https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3190981.0.
The maximum amount is limited to 200.000.000.
If there are any tokens left after the presale and ico, 97 percent of those will be burned. The remaining 3 percent will be used for branding deals, expenses of the exchange platform, advertisement after monthly calculations are done. Our company will inform our precious investors regarding these expenses and announce them in a transparent manner.
Lidya.exchange platform is owned by Lidyacoin ltd.

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